Abbott PediaSure Vanilla Flavoured Milk Powder 850g

A balanced diet is essential for the best possible health. This is particularly true for children, because the demands of growth increase the risk of health problems from an unbalanced diet. Anything that reduces the amount, or variety, of food that a child eats may increase their risk of health problems due to an unbalanced diet. This commonly occurs in children who have fussy eating behaviour or are unwell.

PediaSure Vanilla Flavoured Milk Powder is scientifically formulated to support optimal growth and development in fussy eaters. It is recommended that children with fussy eating behaviour have two to three servings of PediaSure daily to support adequate nutritional intake.

Appropriate nutritional support is important for recovery from illness. PediaSure is a suitable supplement for children who are unwell, particularly those with a reduced appetite. PediaSure may even be used as total nutrition support, under medical supervision.

  • For children 1 – 10 years of age:
  • Whose nutrient needs are increased or who may be undernourished due to illness or poor appetite
  • With chronic conditions requiring supplement or sole source nutrition such as neurological disorders or cancer
  • With acute conditions such as trauma or burns
  • Before and after surgery
  • Supporting catch-up growth in those children diagnosed with ‘failure to thrive’

  • Compete, balanced nutrition when used in appropriate amounts
  • Shown to support weight gain and promote catch-up growth
  • Can be made up to different kcal/mL concentrations depending on the requirements of the patient
  • Suitable for oral and tube feeding

Important Notice – Due to the high demand of this product we must limit purchases of 6x Units per customer to China. Please note there is no insurance on paid freight.

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