Hygieia Cranberry

CranberryMAX 100,000+ is a practitioner strength 600:1 herbal extract equivalent to more than 100,000mg of fresh Cranberry fruit. The extract is standardized for levels of Proanthocyanidins to ensure consistent quality and efficacy. The very high potency extract also enables the vegetarian capsules to be small and easy to swallow.

Anthocyanosides stops virus from adhering on human body, reduce possibilities of virus contamination or resistance to drugs, can effectively protect intimate female health. Cranberry is one of the “must have” fruit for women.

  • Stops virus growth and spread, prevent virus from entering the pelvic.
  • Prevent eustachian salpingitis, maintain urinary system health, reduce pelvic inflammation
  • Reduce frequent and urgent urination, pain and unpleasant odor.

  • Adult Females and males with weak immunity.

Warnings: Not to be taken during pregnancy preparation, pregnancy or lactation

Take 1-2 soft gels daily with meals or consult your health care professionals

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