Arataki Natural Comb Honey 340g

This is honey in its raw form, so not only will you experience the great taste of fresh honey, but you will also benefit from the beeswax and enzymes in the honeycomb. You can either chew on the bees wax to extract the honey or you can swallow the beeswax with the honey. Beeswax has many beneficial health properties, so it is a good idea to consume it with the honey.

Take a bite into this tantalising comb honey to enjoy its subtle sweet flavours and delightful aroma. Arataki Comb Honey is gathered from the widespread flowering pastoral land, found throughout the pristine New Zealand landscape. Comb Honey has a delightful aroma and subtle flavours which have been sealed in the wax cells just as the bees made it. Arataki Honey is one of the largest producers in New Zealand of this premium product.

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